We have a lot of wonderful things planned for our children this year, but we'll need your help raising the funds. How?
First, membership dues. When you join the Maus Middle School PTA, your dues help provide some of the funding we need to put on exciting programs that serve our children.
Next, we have our wonderful Write-a-Check campaign. The best part is that 100% of what we donate benefits our children. It all stays at Maus Middle School!
Third, if you have a Kroger reward card or amazon account then you can also help. The links on the left direct you to the sites that allow you to link your accounts to help our school raise additional funds. Note: this does not affect the rewards you receive.  
And don't forget our COLOR RUN on October 12th! It is so much fun for our kids and the proceeds benefit them and our school.  
We also have fun Spirit Nights and Book Fairs planned.
And what do we plan to do with the results of all these fantastic fundraisers?
We work closely with Mrs. Powell and the teachers of Maus Middle school to provide the best educational experience for our children. We have programs planned throughout the year, a dance, exciting teacher appreciation events, donations for our library and so much more!